Just some of companies that Labelbox is working with to build AI applications:

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Keynote with Peter Welinder, VP of Product & Partnerships at OpenAI

Introduction to Labelbox

Automate Labeling with Your Own Model

Customer Use Case Spotlight

Optimize Project Design

Design Advanced Workflows

During Labelbox Academy: Learning the Essentials, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to use the Labelbox platform to optimize your training data operations. Listen to our Labeling Operations and ML Support Engineering teams’ in-depth training sessions on key features and workflows to ensure users are best leveraging our software.

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Speaker: Peter Welinder, VP of Product & Partnerships at OpenAI

Our keynote speaker Peter Welinder, VP of Product and Partnerships at OpenAI, provided an overview of GPT-3, what your team can accomplish with GPT-3, and discussed the current and future state of AI.

Speakers: Erin Lui, Machine Learning Support Engineer, Labelbox, & Rahul Sharma, Machine Learning Support Engineer, Labelbox

Access a live demo of some of the basic functionalities of our training data platform, including annotation tools and quality management features. Learn best practices for setting up a project in Labelbox, defining your ontology, monitoring data label performance, and more.

Speaker: JT Vega, Lead Machine Learning Support Engineer, Labelbox

Learn how you can make labeling easier, faster, and more accurate with model-assisted labeling. Get a live demo of what MAL looks like on the Labelbox platform and how to import MAL annotations into Labelbox.

Speakers: Niall Hendry, Head of Product, Move.ai, Edward Kim, Data Analyst & Labeling Team, Lead, Sharper Shape, & Sikha Das, Senior Data Analyst, CAPE Analytics

 See how fellow AI practitioners from Move.ai, CAPE Analytics, and Sharper Shape are using AI to overcome their unique business challenges and further innovation. Speakers discuss best practices they’ve discovered for getting the most out of Labelbox.

Speakers: Audrey Smith, Director of Labeling Operations, Labelbox, & Lara Powollik Machine Learning Data Lead, Labelbox

Our Labeling Operations team will walk you through how to structure projects to improve labeling performance and reduce labeler cognitive load. Implement these best practices to design labeling tasks that ensure accuracy and consistency.

Speaker: Chris Amata, Solutions Engineer, Labelbox

 Learn how to use features like queue management and QA tools to prioritize labeling the most impactful data, helping you get to production faster. Watch a step-by-step demo of how to set-up and manage a queue in Labelbox.

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Labelbox Academy: Learning the Essentials

Labelbox Academy: Learning the Essentials