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Speakers: Matt Sokoloff, Gareth Jones

One of the main concerns we hear from ML engineers is that they’re spending too much time labeling low-value data that doesn’t improve model performance.

This recorded webinar features Labelbox Machine Learning Engineer Matt Sokoloff and Product Manager Gareth Jones. You will learn best practices that lift model performance faster, as well as practical tips on how to:

  • Use the Labelbox SDK to structure active learning workflows combining model-assisted labeling, Model Diagnostics, and embeddings so you can spend less time labeling low-value data.

  • Use model-assisted labeling to pre-label data with your own model, saving you time and associated cost.

  • Visualize model performance by comparing model predictions to ground truth labels with Model Diagnostics. 

  • Generate embeddings from your own model to visualize similar data with the embedding projector view.

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How to improve performance through active learning 

How to get the most out of your labeling operations

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